NMS 4x4

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A New Age is upon
the Light Armored Vehicles

About NMS 4X4 

NMS, which is designed by Nurol Makina ve San. A.Ş. has V shaped monocoque body and indigenous chassis. Improvements that have been made in drive-train, make the vehicle extremely fast and maneuverable on a variety of conditions. Offering high protection at a lower weight brings unique superiority to the vehicle in combat areas against the most aggressive and asymmetric threats.

The vehicle designed for variety of missions, offers combat troops a range of capabilities ranging from carrying weapons systems to reconnaissance missions. NMS with next generation design and features, is a perfect combination of scalable armor and composite material.

Nurol Makina NMS 4x4  

NMS 4x4 Variants

Nurol Makina NMS 4x4 ScoutSCOUT VEHICLE

Nurol Makina NMS 4x4 Modular StructureMODULAR STRUCTURE / CARRIER

Nurol Makina NMS 4x4 Air DefenceAIR DEFENCE SYSTEM

Technical Informations

Personnel  5+4 personne
Gross Weight   10 Tonnes
Speed 140 Km/h
Range 700 Km
Engine 300 HP
Maksimum Tork 813 NM
Turning Radius  6 m.


  • Solutions for different protection and security needs
  • Escape glass


  • Approach and departure angles 540 and 620
  • Ability to operate between -320C +550C
  • Integration of RCWS 7,62 mm / 12,7 mm
    Integration of 40 mm / Air Defence System


  • Front-rear fully independent suspension
  • 4x4 Continuous Drive (Differential Lock)
  • Dual circuit, disc on every wheel with ABS brake system
  • 335/80 R20 with runflat
  • Low center of gravity and superior road grip
Nurol Makina NMS Terrain Capabilities
Nurol Makina NMS 4x4 Üst görünüm

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