Ejder Toma

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EJDER TOMA®, which has 4x4 mobility, indigenous military chassis and fully independent suspension system, is manufactured for the security forces to interfere quickly and effectively against the civil
disobedience. EJDER TOMA® which was uniquely designed by Nurol Makina, has been developed to maintain public order and security in rural and urban areas as well as border regions with its high
off-road performance.


Military Chassis
4x4 Fully Independent Suspension System
Indigenous Design
Ballistic Protection
High Mobility
Self Protection

Nurol Makina Toma Lights

All the tools, equipment, hardware electronics and software used in Ejder TOMA 4x4, is originally developed by Nurol Makina. Thus any configuration change or additional requirement can be implemented at minimum cost & time even to the vehicles in service.EN 1063 BR 6 Certificate

Water Cannon System

  • Computer controlled, monitor control system
  • Indigenous water cannon design
  • Maximum 60 meters water cannon range
  • Horizontally 360o, vertically - 15o,+60o
    water spraying
  • 250 per second rotational speed
  • 3 different operational modes: short, long and
    continuous pulse
  • Protection for water canon camera system

Water, Gas, Dye and Foam Tanks

  • Durable tanks
    • 5000 liters water tank
    • 60 liters gas
    • 60 liters dye
    • 80 liters foam
  • Combustion and impact resistant connection
  • Capability to draw water from the lakes and wells
  • Demountable water container
  • Dual water cannon
  • LED warning system
  • Navigation device applications
  • Control panel display interface
  • Dual Cabin
  • 360 degree viewing system
  • Exploration and Surveillance
  • Camera System
  • Additional lighting
  • 6x4 and 6x6 configuration
  • Water tank up to 10.000 liters
  • Day & night vision systems
  • Long range acoustic device (LRAD)
  • Driver vision enhancement system
  • Interior controlled multi barrel gas
    cartridge launcher

Nurol Makine Toma Teknik Özellikler