World’s Preferred Vehicles to be Found at Nurol Makina’s Stand in IDEF 2019

World’s Preferred Vehicles to be Found at Nurol Makina’s Stand in IDEF 2019

Nurol Makina showcases at IDEF 2019 the latest versions of its vehicle family, which have been preferred by ten countries around the world, and for which contractual negotiations are being conducted with many other countries. More than 1000 of these vehicles, including members of the EJDER family (the YALÇIN, TOMA, KUNTER), as well as NMS and ILGAZ II, have been delivered to users, and works are currently underway for the delivery of another 500 vehicles.

Nurol Makina’s vehicles are leaders of their own classes, and have become the preferred solutions of many countries in different parts of the world. These vehicles tend to be at the forefront where, as part of the decision-making process, the participating vehicles are subjected to tests and the final decision is made based on their results. In this process, the vehicles designed and manufactured by Nurol Makina compete with the vehicles of globally leading companies, and have surpassed them on many occasions with their performance.

Another indication of Nurol Makina’s success is the new orders it keeps receiving from current users. Satisfied with the performance of the vehicles and the support they receive from Nurol Makina, users continue to place new orders independently of the options stipulated in previous contracts.

Quick facts regarding the members of the Nurol Makina’s product family showcased at IDEF 2019 can be listed as follows:

  • EJDER YALÇIN is showcased in two separate configurations, namely as an armoured combat vehicle fielding the SARP remote controlled weapon system, and as an armoured ambulance. IDEF 2019 will be the first exhibition where the armoured ambulance configuration is displayed.
  • NMS is being showcased as a vehicle that is at the end of its qualification phase, and that will soon enter into serial production.
  • ILGAZ II, for which there are ongoing works to integrate new mission systems, will be displayed with a manual turret.
  • EJDER TOMA welcomes its visitors with its standard equipment, which is shown as the reference of its class.
  • EJDER KUNTER is showcased at the exhibition with a design that has been revised based on feedback from different users.

Nurol Makina welcomes its visitors at the exhibition with two separate stands, one of which is found in indoor area, while the other is located in the outdoor showroom area. EJDER YALÇIN, NMS and ILGAZ II will be featured at the indoor stand, whereas the EJDER TOMA and EJDER KUNTER will be showcased at the outdoor stand.

Emphasising the success they have achieved in the international market, Engin Akyol, the General Manager of Nurol Makina, said: “Looking at the period between IDEF 2017 and IDEF 2019, we see that Nurol Makina has significantly solidified its recognition n as a global brand. Over the past two years, the number of our international users has increased considerably. In addition to the high performance demonstrated by the vehicles rolled out by our serial production lines, the increase in the number of orders we witness is also due to the confidence felt towards Nurol Makina, which is the sum of many factors such as our corporate stance and the services we offers as part of our projects. I have to note that this confidence can also be seen in the contracts we have signed for our vehicles that have yet to enter into serial production. Given our current standing, it would be fair to say that Nurol Makina has gained international-level recognition, both as a brand and a corporate entity, and that each of our vehicles have become recognised brands in their own right.”

Nurol Makina officials are welcoming visitors at IDEF 2019 wishing to see World’s preferred vehicles at the indoor stand Number 711/A108 and the outdoor stand in Hall Number 7.