Ilgaz II

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About ILGAZ II 4X4

ILGAZ-II 4x4 was developed in order to meet the requirements of special operation forces, military units and security forces to intervene illegal demonstrations, restoring public order and for rapid response in residential and rural areas.

Into the design phase of ILGAZ-II 4x4, Nurol Makina paid particular attention to the crews protection while ensuring that the crew can carry out their tasks safely and effectively. 

ILGAZ-II 4X4; offers special solutions for the different requirements of users with Ambulance, Anti-Tank Vehicle, Combat Vehicle, Command & Control Vehicle, Recce & Surveillance Vehicle, Counter Terrorism Vehicle, Internal Security Vehicle, Crime Scene Investigation Vehicle.


Nurol Makina Ilgaz II Terrain
Nurol Makina Ilgaz Arazi
Nurol Makina Ilgaz Yüksek Sürat ve Konfor
Nurol Makina Ilgaz Şehir
  • 2 different gun ports
  • 5 doors configuration for easy embarking
  • and disembarking of the personnel
  • Run-Flat Tires
  • Quick and easy maintenance
  • Ergonomic seat order
  • Superior operation capability
  • Front & Rear camera systems
  • Projector and anouncement systems
  • Self-Recovery Winch (5.5 tonnes capacity)
  • Night/Day vision systems
  • Long Range Acoustic Device
  • Erectable & directable camera system
  • Smoke grenade launchers
  • Navigation and communication system
  • Integration of various weapon systems
    - 360 degree rotative open turret
    - 7.62 mm and 12.7 mm Machine Gun
    - Metis ATGM System
  • Vehicle, tire and engine compartment fire extinguishing system
Nurol Makina Ilgaz Dimensions