Ejder Kunter

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About Ejder Kunter

EJDER KUNTER which was uniquely designed by Nurol Makina, is a platform that has fully independent suspension system with 4x4, 6x4 and 6x6 customization. With its off-road performance, EJDER KUNTER can operate effectively in rural areas as well as urban areas in all terrain condition.

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Technical Informations

Fuel Tank 300 lt
Payload Capacity (4x4) 7 Tonnes
Payload Capacity (6x4, 6x6) 14 Tonnes
Speed 110 Km/h
Range 600
Engine 296 HP
Acceleration 0-40 km/s 6 sec
Turning Radius 7.75 m


  • Continuous or lockable 4x4, 6x4 or 6x6 drive options
  • Fully independent suspension system
  • Lockable latitudinal and longitudinal differential locks
  • Large diameter tires with wide tread area
  • Anti-lock braking system


  • Armored cabin
  • Protected windows against ballistic threats
  • Run-flat tires
  • Positive pressured cabin
  • Emergency exit hatch on the vehicle


  • Logicstics Truck
  • Weapon Carriage Vehicle
  • Command and Control Vehicle
  • Armored Personnel Carrier
  • Money and Valuables Carrier Truck
  • CBRN Vehicle
  • Internal Security Vehicle
  • Surveillance Vehicle
  • Armored Ambulance
Nurol Makina Kunter Terrain Capabilities
Nurol Makina Kunter Ambulans

Ergonomic cabin design with high ballistic protection enables users to operate with high performance & confidence.The system design of EJDER KUNTER can be configured according to user requirements and can offer special platform solutions including the integration of turrets. EJDER KUNTER which has a unique chassis can be customized for military, internal security and civil areas.
EN1063 BR6 Certificate

  • Efficient parking brake system with full payload and at 30% slope
  • Assisted power steering
  • Operational at -25oC +55oC
  • Air conditioning system
  • Adjustable ergonomic driver and operator seat
  • Long chassis options
  • Optional fire extinguishing system
  • Optional engine pre-heating system
  • Double cabin option
Nurol Makina Kunter Teknik Ölçüler