NMS 4x4

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A New Age is upon
the Light Armored Vehicles

About NMS 4X4 

NMS, which is designed by Nurol Makina ve San. A.Ş. has V shaped monocoque body and indigenous chassis. Improvements that have been made in drive-train, make the vehicle extremely fast and maneuverable on a variety of conditions. Offering high protection at a lower weight brings unique superiority to the vehicle in combat areas against the most aggressive and asymmetric threats.

The vehicle designed for variety of missions, offers combat troops a range of capabilities ranging from carrying weapons systems to reconnaissance missions. NMS with next generation design and features, is a perfect combination of scalable armor and composite material.

Nurol Makina NMS 4x4  

NMS 4x4 Variants

Nurol Makina NMS 4x4 ScoutArmoured Combat Vehicle

Nurol Makina NMS 4x4 Modular StructureAir Defense System

Nurol Makina NMS 4x4 Air DefenceAnti-Tank System

Nurol Makina NMS 4x4 Air DefenceArmoured Pickup

Technical Informations

Crew  5+4 persons
Gross Weight   10 Tonnes
Speed 140 Km/h
Range 700 Km
Engine 300 HP
Maximum Torque 813 NM
Turning Radius  6 m.


  • Solutions for different protection and security needs
  • Escape glass


  • Approach and departure angles 54o and 62o
  • Ability to operate between -32oC +55oC
  • Integration of RCWS 7,62 mm / 12,7 mm
    Integration of 40 mm / Air Defense System


  • Front-rear fully independent suspension
  • 4x4 Continuous Drive (Differential Lock)
  • Dual circuit, disc on every wheel with ABS brake system
  • 335/80 R20 with runflat
  • Low center of gravity and superior road grip
Nurol Makina NMS Terrain Capabilities
Nurol Makina NMS 4x4 Üst görünüm

Nurol NMS 4x4 Ölçüler